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Talisman 70cl Label

Tomatin Distillers based in the Highlands commissioned NSD Labels to create a new label for The Talisman, Blended Scotch Whisky product.

Talisman is a brand produced by Tomatin and the label is printed using flexo inks and method on one of our Gallus label presses on uncoated stock. The label is then hot stamped with a distinctive purple coloured foil substrate. The result is a beautiful label full of provenance which reflects the look that the brand team wanted for the brand. The purple coloured foil is especially striking.

NSD Labels used a coloured foil to enhance the regular flexographic ink and varnish combinations.


NSD Operations Manager, Martin Miller, commented:

The foil is especially made for us and another two customers – the combination of rotary hot foil, a lovely uncoated stock, Arconvert Tintoretto Gesso, and the API Satin Purple foil makes a beautiful label.