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Go Greener with NSD Labels

As the world progresses to a more sustainable future, labels are under increased scrutiny for their sustainability and environmental impact.

​Operating in an ecologically friendly manner has increased greatly and the sustainable use of nature’s resources is a matter of course for us as a professional label manufacturer.

At NSD Labels we strive to improve our footprint on the environment with better management of materials waste, energy consumption, and chemical disposal. We continually invest time and resources into green initiatives in order to minimize impact on the environment, while still striving to accomplish our goals.


  • Offer recyclable and other eco-friendly label materials

  • Utilise thinner film and paper products to reduce raw materials and energy consumption

  • Carry out regular environmental audits to assess and monitor green initiatives

  • Recycle liner and label stock waste into new types of packaging material

  • Streamline processes to improve energy efficiencies and decrease waste output

NSD Labels are also proud to offer a range of products, services and options to compliment all packaging and label designs, meeting one of more of the following sustainable fundamentals; responsibly sourced, recycled content, recyclability, compostable and reduce.

We want to help customers work towards sustainability goals and create more environmentally friendly products and services.

If you want your product or service to be seen as environmentally friendly, then promoting them this way is one step in the right direction. Changing to eco-friendly compostable or biodegradable labels can not only help reduce the impact on the environment but it can show that your business is forward thinking and aware of their responsibilities to the environment.

We are continually looking for new materials, textures adhesives and inks to offer our customers the look and feel they need from a biodegradable label that is fully compliant to the European Standard for Compostable Packaging. This includes biodegradable and compostable label options, materials made from plants, or other ways we can incorporate innovative technologies to help protect the environment because we are all responsible for the planet on which we live!

We are often asked if we can supply compostable labels and biodegradable labels made from renewable and replenishable resources, produced with a compostable adhesive meaning that they don’t contain harsh chemicals and have less impact on the environment.

Once you have made the decision to go with biodegradable labels, you need to consider which material best suits your eco-friendly label requirements. Biodegradable labels should be from materials that are viewed as chemically unmodified and coming from a natural origin to be accepted as biodegradable without further testing.

We have a choice of biodegradable and compostable materials available and can advise which best suits your product and application producing a biodegradable label that will match your requirements and give the image you need to stand out from the crowd.

We can produce labels using either digital or flexographic printing technology, meaning we can cater for either smaller, multiple short runs, or large-scale production jobs.

Biodegradable Labels
Biodegradable labels should be from materials that are viewed as chemically unmodified and coming from a natural origin to be accepted as biodegradable without further testing.

The biodegradable labels we provide are uncoated, wood free printing paper composed of 95% sugar cane fibres and 5% hemp and linen. These biodegradable labels are specifically designed for complete packaging that should be biodegradable.

What Material is Used for Biodegradable Labels?
The most popular material is called Begasse Cane Fibre Biodegradable.
A matt white uncoated, wood free printing paper composed of 95% of sugar cane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen. Specifically designed for labelling where the complete packaging should be bio-degradable; wet strength and fungicidal treatments.

Semi-Gloss Biodegradable Primecoat FSC
We also offer a more cost-effective alternative to Bagasse which is Primecoat FSC Semi-Gloss. This material is a white, one side machine coated, woodfree printing paper with semi-gloss appearance.

The facestock is made from FSC® certified paper and is suitable for a wide range of promotional and industrial label applications where attractive semi-gloss appearance in multi-colour work is required.

Natural Bois
This natural, uncoated brown laid kraft, printing paper is composed of PEFC pulp. Suitable for sustainable labelling of premium goods due to its natural image.

What are Compostable Labels?
Compostable labels are required to meet the European Standards for Compostable Packaging, EN 13432. The standards require that labels are to be compostable under industrial conditions.

Natureflex White or Clear
We stock Natureflex in white or clear for compostable labels and stickers. Natureflex is made from renewable wood pulp which has been sustainably harvested and transformed into a white or clear, high gloss material which can be safely used in packaging and labelling.

The adhesive used also conforms with EN 13432 and is therefore considered to be compostable.

Should you use Compostable or Biodegradable Labels?
Many companies who are conscious of their Corporate and Social Responsibilities are using environmentally friendly packaging. It is important that companies do not overlook the labels that they utilise also.

Whatever your requirements, please let us know and we can recommend a biodegradable or compostable material to suit your brand ethos, label style and use.

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